Sunday, May 20, 2007

7 Days Left

I am hearing a ticking in the distance. My trip is approaching faster and faster. I haven't started packing and still have so much to do. So excited for Nantucket, wondering if there is actually a spot in a bed for me since I arrive later than anyone else. There are 10 girls staying in one house, are there enough bathrooms? Enough hot water? Will I have internet access?

We had our garage sale yesterday-very interesting people. It was really worth it, I ended up with over $300 and a little sun on my face. Later, I started the "goodbye meals". Meg bought me dinner at our fav Macaluso's. So delicious.

Sunday was rainy and gross. We saw a horrible movie, "Georgia Rule"- it was not good. Lindsay Lohan is better in print than in movies, at least you can't hear her talk in Us Magazine! I really hated her. Ugh!

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