Monday, May 28, 2007


This is our house in Nantucket. I arrived after 3 planes and plenty of patting down in security thanks to my gold bangles that I won't take off. The weather is great and we are off to the Chicken Box Saturday night. Sunday we shopped in town and had lunch at the Tavern, barbeque with boys from Boston and then to the Rose and Crown. Tara and I are coming back to size up the shopping on a normal weekend. Monday morning we packed up and took the noon ferry back to Hyannis. Then off to Newport! We got to the house and moved my stuff in. I am by myself tonight but hopefully will have Shannon here Tuesday. Happy Birthday Mom!! xoxo


Tatiana said...

AWWWW, it sounds like you have having so much fun already.

Grimsley said...

Hiya KP! Missed you at lunch today. But I'm guessing roasters 'n toasters can't compare to ack and newport! Post some more pics...xoxo