Friday, June 29, 2007

Late Night

So, I dragged Lou and Tara out on Thursday night and it was fun. We went to the 5th Element bar and then to Asterisk on the way home. One cute guy from New York, Brian wanted to hang out with Lou but was not happy when we told him he looked like Matthew McCanoughey, isn't that a great compliment???? You can judge for yourself if I am correct. Then a WASTED guy we saw at the bar tore out of the driveway and barely missed all of us and promptly got pulled over by the police. They got all our our information because they saw the whole thing and wanted to know if he could have been trying to hit us on purpose! Can you imagine. Please notice the police car in the background. It is 2am right now and the police are still outside dealing with him. Yikes. Tomorrow most of the girls are coming to Newport. This weekend should be really fun.

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