Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Missing Miami but having a Blast!!

Hi friends (and Mom and Dad)

Just got home from dinner with Stephanie at the Cooke House. It is freezing here (58 degrees). My hair is curly/out of control even with cold temperatures! Tara got here today and is here until Monday so I am not alone for a while. I finally got to Pink Pineapple to meet the girl Bridget and she got me an appointment for tomorrow to meet the manager to show my stuff. I would love to sell my jewelry in this store.

I went to IKEA yesterday for the first time. It is so amazing They are building one in Sunrise this summer. I have been walking almost every day. It is fun. Down my street and one city block up are mansions. There is one right on the next corner that looks like the garden at the end of Pride and Prejudice. So beautiful. I am going to do the cliff walk next week. You start at one house and take a tour of the mansions right on the cliffs overlooking the ocean. Also, Doris Duke's house Rough Point has her clothes on display. That is on my list as well.

Next Thursday I am leaving for North Carolina to attend Meg and Brett's parties. I will see some of you there!

Miss you all. Don't forget that I get free incoming calls and limited outgoing. Dad, I am 31 minutes over my plan this month= I will reimburse!
xoxo kp

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Province Zamek said...

I cannot believe you are somewhere - anywhere - without a car! But it looks awesome. So fun and adventurous. Proud of you! Have a blast and keep writing...I'll keep checking in.