Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Tall Ships are Here!

Today was jam packed. Tara's aunt and uncle and Mom are visiting and we all went out to breakfast. Two hours later, we had lunch with Brooke and Heather Bell near all the ships. The Tall Ships are in Newport and there a million people here to see them. The streets are packed with sailors from all over the world. It looks like Fleet Week! I babysat in the afternoon and took Brittan and Barrett to get popsicles down Thames and realized after a little bit that the carriage had a flat tire- I was thinking I was just tired! It was a workout to say the least but very fun. We went on a tour cruise around the harbour. The ships up close are unbelivable and huge. We also went by Hammersmith Farms, which is where Jackie Kennedy grew up and was married. It is private now otherwise that tour would have been first on my list of things to do in Newport. Tara, Lou and I are heading out and we will see how successful our scouting is....

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