Saturday, July 14, 2007

Atlanta Gift Show

So, tomorrow is my 3rd day at the gift show and all I can say is that it is S L O W! It is not like the January show, which is packed with people. I got some nice orders and then today after I attacked a lady at the entrance when I saw her name badge say she is from Lauderdale Lifestyles (a cute Lilly store in Ft. Lauderdale) and begged her to come look at my stuff. She came by a little later and was really nice and told me she would place an order in Sept for the season. Then she told me her friends with her had their own store and when I saw their name badges, I almost fainted, C. Orrico in Palm Beach. I have been trying to get to these ladies forever and it is almost impossible. Anyway, they couldn't have been nicer and told me they would place an order as well, but they weren't buying jewelry at this show and to call at the end of August. So, I am so excited about that, but am hoping for more orders tomorrow.

Some guy that took a picture for me in Newport dropped my camera, so it is messed up. I took a couple of pics of my booth and will replace them when I get home from my Mom's pictures, but you can get an idea. I am so tired and have been going to bed at 9:30 every night. I finally went to a doctor yesterday and got a z pack, thank goodness. :)

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