Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Atlanta Gift Show

So, I packed up my new car and drove to Atlanta for the Gift Show. Set up on Thursday and met Kate there. Our booth is so pink but looks so cute. I stayed with Laura and all the kids, so fun. The show was not amazing, but we met so many great people, including Ann Forget across from us with the cutest bags. She made the show fun. I had few orders by Tuesday but not enough to make it worth while and then Katherine from Flat of the Hill whipped around the corner and saved my life, again! She is so great and I am so honored to still have my stuff in her amazing store. Check out Drove to visit Ashley and Campbell on Tuesday and stayed with them. Claire Avery Gallery is almost finished and looks terrific.
There is a beautiful piece of furniture housing all the Kristin Pearce Designs necklaces in the gallery, so I am finally represented in Thomasville, Georgia!
Drove home the next day and stopped in Gainesville. It looks better than the last time, but not as good as I would imagine. I ate a slice of pizza from Leonardo's and it was delicious! Got home late Wednesday and was so glad to be home....

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