Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Boston Gift Show

Arrived in Boston on Friday to set up for the gift show. Kate is beside me and Ann is across. I grabbed the wrong bag from the shuttle and ended up with some secret service agent's bag. He was not helpful and didn't even offer to share the cab fare for me to switch bags. Asshole...
We went to the Beer Garden Friday night and it was fun. The show started Saturday and it was SLOW. I got one order. I had helpers in my booth, Tara, Brooke and Shannon. Thanks guys! Monday, more of the same. Tuesday, we packed up and left the show. It was time to go. Wednesday morning, the day I have been waiting for for over a year. My 9:00 am appointment with Elizabeth at Beaucage. I left there with such straight hair it looked ridiculous. I felt so bad for the boys next to me on the plane, my hair smelled like perm solution. Yuck. But, so worth it.

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