Saturday, May 24, 2008

Off to Nantucket-Figawi Weekend

Drove to Braintree to meet the girls in the morning and drove to Hyannis where we made the 1pm ferry to Nantucket. We arrived around 3pm, unloaded our bags at the house on Milk Street and then went to Stop-n-Shop. We stocked up and then headed back to the house. It is so cute and Denise and I were in the purple girls room with bunkbeds, it has been a long time since I have slept in a bunk bed.

I went to dinner at the Tavern with my friend Heather Andrews (my old manager at Tiffany & Co.) and caught up on all the scoop. She is managing the Laura Munder store on Main Street for the whole summer and living on Milk Street too. We met a group of French guys there for the weekend, one of them a hairdresser who kept telling me how great my hair was..if he only knew what it normally looked like.

I met up with the girls and we headed to the Chicken Box. Not a late night but very fun.

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