Monday, August 18, 2008

Most fun weekend so far..

So between my depression that summer is almost over and the thought of driving home and finding a place to live, I wasn't expecting to have the best weekend. Friday night we started out at the West Deck. Denice's brother Tim was in town and this was his first visit to Newport. I hung out with crazy Tristan at the Dockside. We were out late and had f u n...

I set up my trunk show Saturday morning with Tara's help and then we headed to Gooseberry Beach. The weather was unbelivable and I hated to leave at 4 to go back to the show and babysit at 6. The girls were hilarious and I hated to put them to bed. I met up with everyone around 10pm and it was all the Dockside. There were so many people, it was great. We met up with some friends we met earlier in the summer and we met Matt "Johnny from Karate Kid" Stevens, who entertained us to no end. He came back to 12 Dixon and kept the party going yelling out songs to look up on Itunes. He then, after much daring, performed his signature move-the dance step from Kid-n-Play, then he actually started a dance off with Angel, one of our other guests for the weekend.

Sunday we went back to the beach and then got ready for Shannon's birthday dinner at Brick Alley Pub. Of course, on the way home we had to stop by the West Deck for a drink. Not too exciting this Sunday, so we went home, exhausted.

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