Friday, February 27, 2009

Greenville, South Carolina

I left Wednesday afternoon heading to Greenville. The drive was not bad and I made it to Winsy's house around 5:30pm. She went to pick up Lynley, Walker and Gheorge at the airport and I unpacked my car. We both set up for the show and had delicious dinner made by Winsy and watched American Idol. Alden came over and said hi. Thursday morning, we woke up and got ready. Tons of cute girls came by and bought a bunch of things. We went out to lunch with Alden and then came back for the afternoon show. It was great. Everyone was so nice and I sold a great amount of items and the turnout was amazing. We packed up at 8pm and headed to Alden and Jamie's for yummy dinner. My trip there was so much fun.

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