Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Overnight with the Bs

This afternoon, I got my two little friends Brittan and Barrett, put their carseats in my car and set off for some fun. They came with one small bag and a pack-and-play. First stop, our friend Elizabeth's. The girls had a ball playing with her two girls-dress ups, stickers and snacks. They were in heaven.

Next stop, to Meg's and to finally meet baby Ashley. The last time I had the girls, Meg was about to give birth and they were excited to see her. They loved Ashley and the three of them were adorable on the couch.
Pizza, chicken dinosaurs and a couple of brownies later, I finally got them in pjs and off to bed. Easier said than done. My bedroom has one wall completely mirrored (not by choice) and I could hear Brittan talking to herself for over an hour. I had the best time with them, but am so tired! I have a renewed appreciation for all my Mom friends who do this every day. It is exhausting..but definitely lots of fun. xo


Tatiana said...

You are so ready for kids :) Now we just have to find boyfriends...lol

Kate said...

They are all cute, I love the baby's little bow :)