Sunday, March 29, 2009

Television Television Television

I am a HUGE tv watcher. I always have been and in the past few years, it has gotten more intense (I sit and watch while I make the jewels). The invention of Tivo changed my life, no more taping shows! But, with the internet, you can watch shows 10 minutes after it airs-so convenient! But, they are way too quick to pull great shows if the viewer numbers aren't fantastic from the start. I am always hesitant to get excited about a new show, knowing it could be cancelled right away.

I read today that Lipstick Jungle is permanently cancelled. WHY??? What a great show, it is really irritating. I also loved Cashmere Mafia and Dirty Sexy Money, the first made it through one season and the other is still "on hiatus."

That said, the shows I do love (too many to list) have all gotten really good lately-Grey's Anatomy in particular. I didn't watch the last two until this morning and after the last one, I was boo hooing like crazy. Izzie with cancer? So crazy... How about Brothers and Sisters, easily one of the best shows on tv these days, I LOVE it. I hate Holly.

My cable box is broken and the tv screen is just a mangled mess of swirled bytes of color. I haven't had time to go wait in line to switch the box. It is about to drive me crazy. I also will lose all the stuff I have saved, including the Academy Awards and one of my bff's Cynthia on the the Rachel Ray show. Yikes.

Don't even get me started on Lost...I didn't watch last year's season finale and now I am all turned around. I might have to wait for the DVD and watch it all at once-one of my favorite things to do. And daytime television on CBS? That is for another post!


TorchLakePrep said...

As for LOST, I think they want us all to be lost! You can go to and watch the entire episodes of previous shows for free. Something to do on a rainy day.

Andi said...

Oh my gosh! I LOVE Brothers & Sisters. Holly makes me so incredibly mad. I yell at the TV. She is totally up to something now that Sarah is back. I get soooo mad that the family didn't go after the money William left her after they found out Rebeka wasn't a Walker. See, I'm obsessed!

PoshMomma said...

I loved Lipstick Jungle. The clothes alone were reason to watch! My favorite was when Victory's BF took her to Paris. Robert Buckley a.k.a. "Kirby" is now dating Whitney from "The City" in real life. They must be the best looking couple everywhere they go!

Channa said...

Looks like we have the same TV taste. I am a huge fan (watch or DVR every episode)of almost every show you mentioned. Our DVR was out a couple of weeks ago and it drove me insane. I feel for you!!

Kate said...

I don't know anyone who isn't confused by Lost. I always have so many questions after each episode!