Saturday, March 21, 2009

Trinity Christian School

I had a trunk show at Trinity Christian School Friday in Palm Beach Gardens. I arrived 10 minutes before it started and my bag knocked over another lady's entire earring display. Way to make friends-she was not amused.

My table display and lots of paper goodies. Sales were good!


cdiaz said...

Hey there! Mr Devin, the girls' principal at St Philips, opened that school. Is it nice. Anyway, I hope it went great. Pick a day so that we can go to lunch next week.
I love this blog.


The Preppy Princess said...

Your booth looks like it was darling, I hope you had a great show! Perhaps the crankenstein next door didn't have her Prozac Latte. (Oooooh, feisty Princess!)


Grove Gals said...

great display!

Anonymous said...

Looks like it was lots of fun! Provide more details, please!!!

Domestic Diva said...

Your stuff looks great- I think I have one of your necklaces...I purchased at an event for Junior League at the Breakers. Love your stuff and so sorry to have missed the Trinity event. Will you be in the area again for any other upcoming events?