Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I am contemplating going to the Stationery Show in New York in May again this year. Last year, in 3 hours, I walked several miles and spent way too much money! (just kiding, I picked up some beautiful things) This year, I could save money on that trip and spend it at Dabney Lee. Her line of paper and At Home gifts are really incredible. All of the designs are available on all of the products and there are tons of colors and monograms to choose from. The possibilites are endless.

I especially love the custom calendar retailing at $30, what a great gift! My own website is in the works and should be up before Mother's Day-I hope. You should expect to see Dabney Lee all over it! p.s. She just started her own blog, check it out!

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Grove Gals said...

Love the NSS and cant wait to get there this May! Dabney Lee is one of my favorite lines too! The trays and coasters make great gifts