Monday, April 20, 2009

Muffy's Next Giveaway!

Muffy is at it again! She is hosting a giveaway of a custom design of an Ashley Brooke sticker. The design fee is waived, and the adorable stickers are 50 cents each. Click on Muffy Martini's blog to check it out and enter.

Hope you all had a great weekend, I finally went to IKEA with Helen and bought the last of the bookshelves. They were so unbelievably heavy, I had to undo the boxes in my car and bring the pieces up to my apartment in about 8 trips. Yet another occasion when a boyfriend would have come in handy. Now, who is going to help me put them together? There are 3 of them!! This is what they look like. Photo from Flickr.
* Update * This is the Billy bookshelf system from IKEA. The regular bookshelf is $59 each and the doors are $45 each side. This picture also shows the extra shelf on top-I didn't get that. So, to be clear, this is not my bedroom! :)


Preppy 101 said...

Those bookshelves are wonderful!! Will you have to anchor them to your walls or can they be free standing? Look custom!!

Marge said...

I love those shelves! Which Ikea line is that?!

The Pink Tutu said...

I love these bookshelves. How fun!