Thursday, April 23, 2009

St. Thomas Reunion and Paper Flowers

Crazy day today. Not only am I super tired from my late night Tuesday, but today was busy! I had a Beaux Arts meeting in the morning then made jewelry for an appointment at 4pm. Later on, I went to an 80's reunion from St. Thomas Episcopal Parish School. It was really fun and the turnout was great for a first time event.

After the reunion, I scooted over to my friend Courtney's house who was hosting a flower making fiesta. Beaux Arts' Year End party is Mexican themed and we are decorating with paper flower centerpieces. Courtney's house is really beautiful and when I got there, there were flowers everywhere! They were so festive and will look great at the party. After they were finished, there was an amazing display of Mexican food. It was fantastic. Our party on May 2nd is going to be fun!

Now, I have to go to sleep. I am so tired!

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Anonymous said...

What a busy night! Flower making was awesome. I can't wait to see the centerpieces next weekend.