Monday, May 11, 2009

Daytime Television

It all started in 3rd grade when I got chicken pox and stayed home from school. I got hooked on CBS daytime television, mainly the Young and the Restless. I have been taping/tivoing/dvring it every day since high school. I added the Bold and the Beautiful to my list in 11th grade, the first summer it aired and have been an avid watcher ever since.

My friend Carol recently told me she heard through a very close source that they are cancelling one of these shows-my guess is Bold. I told her there was no way of that happening, but she assured me the person she heard it from was a member of the family who started the show, and would definitley know. Please tell me this isn't true...has anyone heard anything about this??? I know Guiding Light is over, but I love that 19 minutes of Bold every day, even though it has been a little over the top recently. And now Brad from Y & R is joining B & B! It should be very interesting, if it lasts!!!!


Channa said...

I really hope it is not Y&R. I watch that show everyday!!

Tickled Pink And Green said...

Oh I hope it's not true! I also have been watching these CBS soaps off and on for YEARS. I remember when B&B started. Good grief, I've been watching Brooke & Ridge break up, get back together, break up, get back together for YEARS!! I remember when Ridge was married to Caroline (who is now back as her twin Karen!)....

And I've been watching Y & R FOREVER. It's been weird seeing the old Victoria Newman play Brooke's sister Katie, hasn't it?!

I also have watched (off & on) As The World Turns for years. Now that we have Tivo, it's easy to tape then and hurriedly watch them now that you can skip thru the commercials. :)

Pink Maple said...

Maybe As the World Turns? B&B and Y&R are always at the top of the ratings, so you'd think they'd be the last to go. I was an avid watcher of General Hospital from high school until very recently when I got frustrated with the show's direction and gave up.

Monogram Momma said...

Girlfriend we have GOT TO TALK!! I watch Y&R daily as well and have been watching it for pretty much my entire life! I keep up w/ all the CBS soaps.There is NO WAY they will take Y&R off the air. If anything else goes, my bet is it will be Bold. I remember when Bold first aired after Capital went off the air!!!

Also, I have to agree w/ Tickled P&G.. it is SO WIERD seeing the original Victoria play Katie on B&B. I can NOT get into her in that role.

Also, who do you think this mystery woman is on Y&R that Victor brought back to woo Jack? We know she had a face lift so do you think it might be Diane Jenkins? That is the only person I can think of.