Monday, May 18, 2009

New York Continued

When I arrived on Saturday night in New York, I was just in time for Nicole and Lisa's party they threw for a friend's engagement.  The food was delicious and there was a salsa band out on the terrace.  It was super fun, will post pics when I get home.

Sunday morning, I got myself to Javits and started on one end and walked all the rows of the stationery show.  There was so much amazing stuff on display.  I added another book at Hicks, got a Whitney English book, a bunch of new items at Preppy Cards, a new line at Hen & Barley Press, two new books at Paper and Ink Designs, a line of awesome bags at Toss and much more.

I met up with Monogram Momma after emailing with her for almost 3 years, Grove Gals K and E and even met the Preppy Princess, a lot of bloggers roaming the halls! 

After sushi with Nicole and Lisa, I was exhausted, trying to finish my book and now sad because I didn't bring one for the ride home.  I might have to buy one at the airport.  

Have lots of pics to share when I get home and download!


Preppy 101 said...

Sounds so divine!!! xoxo

Petunia said...

Hi Kristin! I just discovered your blog today. I am heading on over to your Etsy shop and am hoping to order one of your necklaces! :)