Monday, June 8, 2009

In the middle of the Caribbean

So two and a half sea days into the cruise, I am ready to step onto land tomorrow in St. Martin! The seas are slightly choppy and it is hard to get used to! I ate dinner in the dining room with Meg, Brett, Pam and little Ashley, who slept through it all.

Still feeling tired and a little, sick, I went to my room afterwards and when I arrived in my room, my first towel animal was waiting for me-elephant..super cute!

This morning, we are at the Windjammer Cafe and then hit the pool. The sun was finally out and by 10am, the entire pool decked was packed. A couple of little rain storms didn't stop everyone from getting sun. I needed to re-apply my suncscreen more often and got a little burn. Ashley had fun in her lounge chair-decked in Lilly.

Lunch back at Winjammer with Robin and Terrie, very delicious and then we hit another pool deck and had a rum punch, very relaxing and we were in the concierge level deck chair area, which was a little calmer. Our Make-A-Wish group had a private Bridge Tour at 3:00 and I got to escort them there. It was very cool and large. The captain took pictures with all the kids and explained all the instruments.

After that tour, down to the ice skating rink, closed off for our group for one hour. The group put on their skates and mingled on the ice with the Ice Skating team. They had so much fun. I rant back to the room and got socks so I could skate too. Not so successful, but I did make a few laps around the rink.

Robin and I got spa pedicures in the evening and then off to dinner. There is a singles mixer onboard at 11pm. She is trying to get ne to go. Can you imagine if I met "the one" on this cruise. I would have to laugh.


Erica said...

looks like you're having an amazing time...enjoy!


Preppy 101 said...

What fun!! I love the elephant! Oh do let us know about the mixer ;-) xoxo

Politics and Pearls said...

How Fun!!! Enjoy the rest of your time!

QueenBeeSwain said...

a total ball! have too much fun and come back with great memories to share!


Beth Dunn said...

Sounds like you are having a ball (other than not feeling well in the beginning). Great pictures. xo