Thursday, June 11, 2009

You Can Call Me Julie

You can now call me Julie, as in Julie McCoy from the Love Boat. I feel like the social director of this cruise. It is so fun, but exhausting. Last night, my favorite towel animal yet, a monkey wearing my sunglasses hanging from a hanger, was waiting for me when I got home. So cute.

I slept in this morning, my cold is 99% gone now, thank goodness. We arrived in Labadee, Haiti around 8am. This part of the tip of Haiti is owned and operated by Royal Caribbean and is a beach and water park set up, so fun for kids and families. Ther is a Haitian market and locals selling their wares. Our group had a boat ride set up for them and then time at the water park in the afternoon.

Cynthia, Liz, Jorge, Enrique and I set up shop in a little cabana with chairs and then got food and played cards for the afternoon. I had to run back and forth to make sure all my activities for the Wish families were all set up. I got a ton of excercise, something I thought I would be doing all cruise long, oh well.

Tonight was the backstage tour of the production show. It was so cool seeing all the props in the back and meeting the cast. They work as a group for 8 month contracts and then either re-sign or move onto other things. So interesting.

After the tour, we had the Sphinx lounge for Make-A-Wish karyoke. It was really cute. Tomorrow is a big day, going to sleep. I got home and this towel animal was waiting for me...can't figure out what it is though!


Anne said...

Is it a lobster? Looks like you had so much fun on the cruise!!

Allie in G'town said...

Looks like a sumo wrestler???