Friday, July 24, 2009

Boston and Band Aids

My Boston trip was super fast, but I had just enough time to get 2 parking tickets! What a was completely my fault and one definitely was not. What can you do? I walked around and decided to take the T to Cambridge to Beadworks to pick up some chain that only they sell. The Boston Public Garden was so beautiful, so many colorful flowers planted
and tons of visitors milling about.

I got back Thursday morning to start packing-I leave Newport on Saturday morning early! Not too excited to get back in the car for another road trip so soon, but I have to get back. I stopped by to visit my little friends and was amazed how a small box of band aids with Dora the Explorer on them could entertain a 3 and 5 year old. We counted them, stacked them, threw them in the air and then back in the box. I should have swiped one for myself because I needed one later that day. I am that girl that would wear a Dora band aid.

After some packing and errand running, Sue and I decided to go out to dinner at the Cooke House. The rain would not cooperate,so we had to call a cab. We had drinks at the bar waiting for our table. The people watching is hilarious. All the older ladies look like they are straight out of the Preppy Handbook. After dinner, we split the dessert that was on every table around us, A Snowballs Chance in Hell. A wine glass with a brownie on the bottom, vanilla ice cream and warm hot fudge on top of it all. It is so delicious, worth every calorie!


Summer Wind said...

wow that dessert looks and sounds delicious!!

Her Preppiness said...

sounds yummy

preppyinnewengland said...

Pretty pictures of the Commons. I just love going in there. Your Boston trip was successful minus the parking tickets. What a drag! ...and a pain to fight if you know you are right. But worth it!

~Jewel said...

whoaaa!! I'll take 2 of those desserts!!!

PoshMomma said...

The Boston Public Garden is one of my favorites. Saw a wedding being held last time I was there. Don't worry, EVERYONE gets parking tickets in Boston! xo

QueenBeeSwain said...

what a fab day and loved the pic of the commons- dated a guy that went to BU and I always would request a trip to the Commons when I was in Boston to visit him :)