Sunday, July 5, 2009

Morning Shopping

All weekend long, we saw these bright yellow signs for "High End Tag Sale" on every corner. We set our alarms to remind us, not that you could forget, they were even in the bathroom stalls at the Cooke House last night! We got up and headed over to Church Street and low and behold, the High End sale was a few tables in some ladies' driveway. Her version of high end was not really ours, just a bunch of framed boat prints that were old and used looking, some books and random household goods. Oh well!

We ended up on Bellevue and popped into Angela Moore. The Newport store is chock full of their beaded jewelery and tons of Lilly Pulitzer. She has everything displayed so pretty. She also carries Manuel Canovas, Roberta Roller Rabbit, Jack Rogers and her own line of clothes. I got this adorable dress. I cant' wait to wear it. It is only $80 and comes in a bunch of prints.

So now, we are off to the beach!
This is a picture from yesterday, the same view as the day before when we couldn't see anything.


Preppy 101 said...

What fun!! That pic of the beach is lovely!!

Lis said...

Loving the dress!! :)

Have a wonderful time at the beach!!

Petunia said...

That dress is so cute!
Glad you had a good holiday weekend! :)

Jeanneoli said...

That is so funny! I thought you were going to tell me you walked into a warehouse full of amazing clothes. Love your new dress and the beach sounds wonderful.

Summer Wind said...

the dress is adorable, and what a view!

Anonymous said...

Love the dress! I'm headed to Newport this weekend and cannot wait - your pictures are so inspiring. Thanks for sharing!