Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My New Favorite Book

When you live in a beach house with 6 other girls, there are bound to be some dating and astrology books lying around. Just some interesting reading to get a better insight into how guys think. My favorite one is by E! News Anchor Guiliana DePandi called "How to Think Like A Guy". It is full of great advice mixed with witty examples of what not do to if you want to get yourself a boyfriend. Great beach reading

So, I am replacing "The Rules" with this awesome book. It is nicer, not so hard core and funny, funny, funny.

Click here to purchase on Amazon.com


Erica said...

interesting! i'd be curious to read one of her books and see if it's any good...


CDS said...

is this a new book? i should gift it to my single friends. thanks for the rec.