Thursday, July 9, 2009

Tito's Cantina and Vineyard Vines

Our plans were squashed last night by a horrible rain storm, so we headed to Tito's Cantina for some yummy Mexican food. We sat in the corner and 2 pitchers of margaritas later, we hadn't realized they were closed and we were the only ones left. They had already mopped the floors. So funny, we apologized and bailed out of there.
(ps, my jeans are rolled up because of the rain puddles, I am not making a fashion statement!)

This morning, I went to the post office and finally mailed a bunch of things. On the way back, I stopped by Island Outfitters and was pleasantly surprised by all the goodies they had on display. They had one part of the store completely dedicated to Vineyard Vines, which just came out with a Newport line of items.

In addition, they had some adorable Vineyard Vines t-shirts and bags
that I had not seen before. They are really cute.

Adorable tunic.

I am LOVING these totes!


Preppy from Bay said...

Adorable stuff. I love your friends off the shoulder tunic that she is sporting in the picture. The black one with flowers on it. Where did she get that? and is it still available.

CDS said...

I have the I whale DC sticker I got when I was there lat month---saw those tunics and bags...I love VV...planning a trip to the outlet sometime soon.

Katie said...

I love those bags! They look like giant upside down bucket hats!

Dana said...

I saw that stuff when I was up there - so adorable! So how did it go at the Pink Pineapple? Did she just gobble up your beautiful jewels?

Summer Wind said...

I am loving the anchor tee

annechovie said...

Love that green tunic and the bags! I need to hit up my VV store! Thanks and have a great weeken!

Kate said...

Is that anchor VV shirt a guy shirt or girl shirt? I have never seen it before. I really really want it!