Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dominick Dunne

Yesterday, author and television commenter Dominick Dunne passed away after a battle with cancer. Known for his crime television show and articles in Vanity Fair, he also was a prolific writer of novels-many loosely based on real-life crime stories. One of my favorites is Season in Purgatory, a novel based on the Martha Moxley murder in Connecticut. This book was made into a TV movie starring Mc Dreamy Patrick Dempsey and Sherilyn Fenn. He also wrote a novel called The Two Mrs. Grenvilles that was very good as well. This book is based on the Long Island Gold Coast's Ann and William Woodward case, where the wife plotted and killed the husband for his fortune. This juicy story was made into a tv movie as well.

Dominick Dunne's daughter played the older daughter in Poltergeist and was later killed by an enraged boyfriend. This tragedy opened his eyes to the injustice of the legal system, prompting him to write about it extensively. He was famously in the courtroom for the entire O.J. Simpson trial, writing for Vanity Fair. He always looked so preppy with his bow ties and colorful suits. His two books mentioned here are on my bookshelf and are true favorites.


Tickled Pink And Green said...

I also have his book which is about his life and is full of pictures and called something like The Way It Was Then" or something like that. It's very interesting and I had no idea how involved he was in the movie industry in his earlier years. Also, I assume you knew his brother was married to Joan Didion and she wrote a book The Year of Magical Thinking a few years back. Also an interesting read. I even watched his CourtTV Power & Privilege series.

Can't believe he's gone!

CDS said...

KP thanks for this interesting entry. I never knew that about learn something new everyday.