Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Driving Tour of Newport

Before I left Newport, I did my own driving tour of the homes. I find it amusing that wihin a mile of each other, you have simple cottages, modest homes, Mc Mansions and then the real deal mansions (or cottages as they are known). These are some of the highlights, I am starting small...

This was where I live in Newport on the right hand side.

A Sweet Newport Cottage

House overlooking the ocean

Looks like the White House

Rough Point-Doris Duke's Mansion

Camel Topiaries on the Rough Point Lawn-she kept camels there...

Mansion right on the ocean-I was seriously trespassing to take this picture

Marble House

The Elms-my neigbor on Dixon Street

Rosecliff, the beautiful mansion where they hold the Newport Flower Show every year.

View of the harbor

The famous Bailey's Beach Club-took this pic while driving-people were staring

This is only a few of the spectacular homes in Newport County. Next time I am back, which hopefully will be soon, I will continue my little tour. It would help if someone would drive me this time so I don't have to keep blocking up traffic. I was not very popular that day!


Torch Lake Prep said...

I always wonder...who owns these and what do/did they do to get them?

Summer Wind said...

i LOVE the third house!

Prissy Southern Prep said...

Those are all gorgeous homes!

Maya said...

I'm recognizing some of the homes..., I used to live in Newport, and am now in nearby Tiverton.