Friday, August 7, 2009

In the Archives- Lisa Birnbach

While digging through "my archives" as I call them, I have found lots of fun things tucked away. One that seems particularly relevant now is below. After college, I worked as the President's assistant at an Arts Foundation. The couple who founded it were very influential people and had a host of famous friends that would come to events and performance showcases. One guest list I was proof reading had the name Lisa Birnbach on it. You can't imagine how shocked I was, there listed among many celebrity names was the author of The Official Preppy Handbook. I showed a this to a co-worker-so unprofessional-and I remember her asking me "the official what???" Is she kidding???

Many years later, I was at a performance sitting with my Mother and low and behold, the benefactor of the Foundation walked in with Lisa Birnbach. I couldn't believe it! I introduced myself and she was super nice, told her I loved her book and her getting-in-to-college guides and then asked her the question that I am sure she is asked twenty times a day- "when are you going to write a follow-up book". She laughed and said she didn't think she could top the original.

The next night she was there again. I gave her a couple of necklaces from my new collection-my business was very new at the time. She was very sweet and put them right on. What a stamp of approval to have the queen of all preppiness wearing my jewels!

She emailed me to get my address and a week later, a sweet package came in the mail. She sent me a copy of her new book 1,003 Great Things About America with a sweet note. I remember being on a high for at least a week!


Preppy 101 said...

How great!! I know that must have been a wonderful moment! So nice to hear good things about famous people. Love that book. I still have mine ;-) xoxo

Janie K. Peterson said...

Love the Official Preppy Handbook! Still have my original copy! So jealous that you got to meet the author!

KK said...

What a great story!! I love that she followed up with a thank you note!!

Tickled Pink And Green said...

WOW!!!!! That book came out when I was in college and it was THE BIBLE.. I would love to meet her. What in the heck does she look like?

Summer is a Verb said...

OMG! What a coup! That is an amazing story. I am sooo jealous...XXOO