Thursday, August 20, 2009

Scrapbooking and Such

In an effort to get organized, I have been tackling every pile of invitations, pictures, receipts and paper that I had stuffed in all sorts of places. The pictures and invitations are my biggest problem. I am so behind on scrapbooking and now it seems like a project I might never finish! I have also gone back through older albums where I had 25 pictures from one party, many overlapping each other with people and now there are 10 pictures to capture that said party.

One of my biggest problems is with digital pictures, it is so annoying to print them out. I really miss taking film to cvs and getting back a pack of pictures. There are so many albums half done that I don't know if the pictures I have in my piles are already in albums and are double prints, or they are waiting to be put in albums. So, I went through all the albums and put tags on the rings that I could see with the dates were. Then I put them in order and now I am going through each one to see what I have. Sounds like too much work. My father, who is not the most sentimental, suggested that I relieve my stress and just throw all the pictures out. He has crazy moments!

When I worked at Tiffany & Co. as a bridal consultant, the biggest perk of course was the discount. We received 30% off on everything in the store and bigger discounts several times a year on the jewels. I spend so much money there, it was ridiculous and I got myself in serious trouble. One of my favorite monthly purchases were the beautiful navy blue photo albums they sold. Retail price- $110, employee price $77. They are basically the graphic image albums but just stamped for Tiffany. I have an obscene amount of them and LOVE them. When I stopped working there, I had a hard time finding albums with rings, all of them seemed to be bound and I am not organized enough to put pictures in from start to finish in an album, I need rings!

Enter Helene Batoff Interiors...I happened upon an adorable lime green fabric album in Richmond, Virginia with a huge hot pink bow in it with 3 rings. I was so excited. After a few phone conversations with Helene who I tracked down with the help of google, I received a big box of her goods and have been selling them ever since. She uses beautiful fabrics and leathers to make the albums and desk accessories, but the best is that she does custom work. You can send your own fabric for albums, picture frames and much more. Now, my shelves are stocked with cute fabric albums that look amazing on my book shelves.

I have tried to simplify scrapbooking so I can do it efficiently. What I do first is go to a scrapbook store and stock up on every color paper they have, getting multiples of the standard colors. Next, take the pile of paper to Kinko's with an album sheet for measuring. Have Kinko's cut the paper in their cutting machine to fit the album sheet. (my advice is to stand back at Kinko's and observe to see who knows what they are doing..this is usually very obvious-not to be mean, but you are about to hand them a pretty pricey stack of paper) They charge $1 per cut, so for $2, you get two clean cuts with their laser cutter. Last, use the album sheet to help punch holes to match up and then you are ready to go...

Every time I am in a cute paper store, I buy cute cards and hang onto them. Not only good for gifts in a pinch, but they can be useful for scrapbooking. Many times when there is not an invitation, I will write what the event is on an appropriate card and put it before the pictures. Enclosure cards are perfect for this.

For a trip to Las Vegas, I wrote Las Vegas on this cute card with the date of the trip...

The same for Los Angeles, I bought a palm tree You Send Me sparkly card
and wrote Los Angeles on it...

For one of my favorite parties ever, a season premiere party for Sex and the City, I had Tiffany engraved invites made-again, the joy of a good discount!

If you can find a cute postcard or card from where you visit, you can just use that. For a trip to Memphis, I bought a cute card from the Peabody Hotel..

One year for my birthday, I had a bowling party and didn't send invites (shocking for me). My friends Hoby and Christina got me the cutest bowling birthday card, so I used that.

Sometimes you luck out and the invitation fits in one of the picture sleeves.

Once you are all set up with cards and your scrapbook paper all cut, it is easy to just paste your invitations on a matching colored paper and then the pictures go right behind it in the album pages. It really is simple once you do the legwork ahead of time with the paper.
Happy Scrapbooking!


MCW said...

So cute...and not over the top like a lot of scrapbooks I have seen.

Lynley Walker Ciorobea said...

I need to get organized like you are with these scrapbooks...I have pictures of Walker from the day he was born - not a single one in an album yet. YIKES!

Kate said...

I am bookmarking this because I would love to use my own left over fabric for scrapbooks. Thanks for the tip!