Thursday, September 17, 2009


I am sitting on my couch, wondering if I have enough nerve to go up one floor and knock on the door of the people that live above me. Not only for the last week has someone with what sounds like cement shoes been trudging across the floor back and forth for hours, but someone up there is doing something that sounds like dropping a roll of quarters and then having them all roll down a slight hill.

I think I should just turn my tv up and avoid becoming the hated neighbor below. Plus, what if they get mad and then it gets worse? Ugh!

Just watched the season finale of last year's Grey's Anatomy. Holy cow, I forgot how great it was! The moment Meredith realized John Doe is actually George is heartbreaking. Can't wait for the season premiere Thursday.

Here are some new necklaces I have made for my trunk show next week.

And, thank you so very much to all my blogging friends who sent sweet get well wishes to Millie. She is doing a little better but still no idea what is going on with her. Our first Westie Barney started losing weight and getting sick and things did not end well for him, so her getting sick is very nerve wracking. Anyway, thanks again. You all are very sweet. xo


Channa said...

I would totally go up stairs or I would write them a note and stick it on their door

Suburban Princess said...

Beautiful necklaces!

I say let the people upstairs know - they might have no idea how loud it is for you! All they need to do is put down an area rug of some sort!

I am looking forward to Greys as well - I saw the first 5 minutes on Perez and it looks good!

QueenBeeSwain said...

cement shoes are just the worst- I always check in w/ my neighbor directly below me to make sure I'm not making too much noise but then the 2x you ever work up the nerve to let the noisy nelly that lives above you know that vacuuming at 3 AM is NEVER an okay thing to do- she acts like you told her you were going to steal her puppies!


MCW said...

Love those necklaces!

A few months ago my neighbors were playing Rock Band until all hours of the night. After a few glasses of wine at about 3 am I stormed next door and knocked, but they couldn't hear me. So then I almost kicked their door down in my Ugg clogs. They never played again.

a. said...

The necklaces are great. I love the one in the second picture all the way to the right.

Sending good thoughts your way for Millie!