Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Weekend in Newport

So, I arrived on Friday and before landing, happened to look out the window of the plane and caught this picture. Newport is the island on the top right of the pic.

It was so great to see the girls and catch up with them. Denise made dinner and then we headed out to the usual spots and ran into our old friends. Friday night was quiet, but as usual, my roommates and I didn't have a problem making our own excitement, that night ended up being a late one but super fun. (I was informed this weekend that I apparently say the word super too much. Well, that's super too bad!)

Saturday, we headed for the beach. It was a beautiful day, clear with hardly any clouds and warm.

We stayed all afternoon. Dinner we went to Diego's, an adorable outside Mexican restaurant that is BYOB. We brought red wine and they whip up sangria for you asap. So delicious and then we walked back down to the West Deck.

Sunday, everyone was dragging, it cooled off so much that we skipped the beach and went shopping instead. Shannon, Tara and I ate lunch at 41 North, which is like a little bit of South Beach right in the heart of Newport. It is right on the water, so we watched people coming and going off their enormous yachts. The one below had two staircases in the back to step down to the water, an electric pully to get the jet skis in and out of the boat. It was really something to see.

When we finally got out that night, we were all dragging a little, it had been a long weekend. Our last night was fun and ended way too late, and it was freezing!

This morning, the annual clean up the house party started and we were all packed up by 11:30. We went to the Black Pearl for lunch and then everyone went their separate way. I got dropped off at Brooke's house and we went to the beach for one last afternoon. They met several families and brought food, wine and ordered pizza.

It was an amazing way to end the summer. It was sad to see the beach empty but right before we left, we caught this incredible sunset..

I can't believe summer is over...but, looking forward to an exciting Fall season with lots of parties, trips and trunk shows!


MCW said...

That sounds like a fantastic weekend. I love BYOB restaurants! When you get the bill it is always amazing how much less it is...

QueenBeeSwain said...

perfection- you had so much fun, glad that you could get back even if it was waaaaay too short.


A Red Rat said...

Muffy, great to see you as always! So much fun. I love the pictures and will post mine via facebook ASAP. Can't wait to visit Miami soon! Miss you already. XO.

Headbands and Hand Bags said...

What a wonderful weekend!

Landlocked Mermaid said...

Hello Beautiful!! Your trip sounds wonderful. Welcome back.. In a few days your swap package will arrive to greet you and bring you some fall smiles. I just sent it priority this morning xo xo