Sunday, October 4, 2009

High School Reunion Weekend

My High School reunion was this weekend. So many old friends came in town and met up Friday night for a casual drinks party. The lighting inside was not too great, I was squinting to read everyone's nametag.

Saturday afternoon, we met for lunch and rehashed the night before. Someone thought ahead and brought their yearbook, very helpful to look up some people we all did not recognize. Saturday night, we met back at the hotel and a bunch more people showed up. It was really fun, a bit cheesy but super fun. All the girl looked so great and most of the boys did too.

I can't wait for the next one...5 years?


cdiaz said...

so fun! yay, i had so much fun at mine too. glad you had a blast. your dress was awesome!

Suburban Princess said...

It has been 20 years for me too!

You all look like you just graduated this year :O)

CRICKET said...

I missed mine but my girlfriends said all the girls looked great and the guys just looked old...