Thursday, October 8, 2009

Lonny Magazine

When many long standing favorite magazines are folding, a new online publication has surfaced and it looks fantastic. Lonny Magazine was the brilliant idea of former Domino Magazine co-workers Michelle Adams and Patrick Cline. Michelle, owner of Rubie Green, an eco-friendly textile company with a recently launched amazing bedding line and Patrick, a photographer and owner of Brand Arts, a photo production and digital retouching company have worked for a year banking favors from friends and tapping the talents of former co-workers to get their project online and ready for viewing. The magazine is chock full of decorating, entertaining and gardening ideas. The online format allows a large amount of content and once loaded, a very easy navigating toolbar to look through the beautiful articles and pictures. Michelle has a blog called M.A. Belle where you can check out their story.

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Summer is a Verb said...

Sooo in the dark...just read about this on The Love List too and I am so excited. I have missed Domino terribly. Also, an email I sent you, which was probably just a response to a comment, was returned multiple times. Can not recall the content but, didn't want you to think me rude for whatever I didn't respond to...XXOO