Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Old Navy Treats

Lately, I have been having a love/hate relationship with Old Navy. I look on the website and see tons of great things, but sometimes when you venture in the store, if you can get over the smell of the place, the items don't look as good in person. Well, I dropped in on Sunday and hit the jackpot. These are some of my treats:

This t-shirt dress is so unbelievably comfortable, it is like wearing pajamas-on the sale rack, I think it was $12? It is online for $19.99

Kind of hard to see, but a comforable gauzy tunic. I am wearing it today and am loving it. Also on sale, it is $12.99 online.

Talk about a t-shirt, this dress is literally a bigger t-shirt, so cute and comfortable in so many colors, also online.

I bought this full price, for $24.50. It comes in red, pink, white, etc... So comfortable and the bonus is, the buttons don't pull in the front. Having a larger chest is not fun when it comes to clothes! Check out these great finds at www.oldnavy.com.

Product note: One of my blogging friends ordered one of the Iomoi totes I featured last month. When she received the bag, she was very disappointed. The bag itself was think, the straps weren't sturdy, the design looked ironed-on, etc..
I am so sad because I have had great luck with all of my Iomoi purchases so far, but it looks like the totes are not up to par. Just FYI


Suburban Princess said...

I have the same feelings about ON but occassionally someone posts a great find!

QueenBeeSwain said...

same feelings here about ON too! I am loving dress numero uno and will have to check this out!

thanks for sharing :)


Monogram Momma said...

I love the green dress. I saw it last week and almost picked it up to run around in!

The Wife said...

I agree about ON! It is hit or miss! Still love them though!

CDS said...

that grey dress way presh! the shirt is fantastic--- if I weren't in chicago this weekend I would make a run for the Navy.

...also sad to read about the IOMOI bags.

shaina said...

I have an iomoi canvas bag- just got it yesterday- and I love it! I'm not sure what the other blogger was talking about. The leather straps are substantial and it's just so chic! Strange. I guess you can't please everyone.