Tuesday, October 13, 2009


So sorry I have been MIA but my website is consuming my time. Now that it is really in the works, things are going so fast and I am typing descriptions, taking pictures, going through my inventory and trying to figure out exactly what will be available online. The small photo studio I have set up in my dining room has been very successful. I used the back of my fabulous Paper and Ink Designs placemats as the backdrop for the pics and it has really worked. These are some I took yesterday.

This last one is really a miracle. I have been taking pictures of my crystal necklaces for years and NEVER do they come out well. The most exciting thing I will add to this website is a line of beautiful monogrammed cosmetic bags,totes and baby accessories from Gallante Studios. The most amazing products they carry are vinyl covered pique, satin or moire makeup bags with beautiful large monograms. I can't wait to upload them to www.kristinpearce.com

Stay tuned, I will be launching very soon!


Prep-E Girl said...

LOVE the calendar!!! So stinkin' cute!!!



High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

Wow so beautiful. I'm staying tuned for the website launch!

Headbands and Hand Bags said...

You have been so busy, and I like it! Beautiful colors! Let the shopping begin!

Priscila said...

love this!! Glad I found ur blog :)
If you would like you can check out my giveaway at littlemissheirlooms.blogspot.com

Landlocked Mermaid said...

when is that calendar for sale? I want it! Gorgeous stuff!! xo