Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Alphabet Plates

Earlier this year, my good friend Laura Paresky Gould started designing adorable melamine plates and laminated placemats and before she knew it, she had a booming business on her hands, Alphabet Plates. A graphic designer and mother of three, Laura channeled her excellent design talents into whimsical, educational and fun gifts.

The plates have three categories: food, sports and "face it". Dinner time has never been more fun having your little ones eating on their special plates proclaiming their favorite foods, sports or their own likeness.

Have a child obsessed with soccer?? They could have their own plate that looks just like a soccer ball-tennis, basketball and others are also available.

The face it category is so awesome. Using an easy to maneuver design interface, you can create a plate with a face on it looking like your child. There are hair colors, styles and lengths along with eye color and accessories such as hair bows, barrettes or a princess crown. Super cute!

The placemats are very durable and are printed on both sides with a plate, cup and all utensils with each spelled out in your choice of 2 languages (English on the front and French on the back or Spanish on the front and German on the back, etc..) Available in many color combinations, these great gifts are so handy and will help teach your child a few smart words in your choice of 14 languages, even Greek!

Plates are $22-25 and Placemats are $18-20.
Visit Alphabet Plates to check them out.


The Wife said...

Those plates are too cute!

Suburban Princess said...

Adorable! I want a princess one for myself!

CDS said...

i really do need to order some of these for the girls. too cute!