Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday

When I used to work in retail, I remember being so excited about the day after Thanksgiving, when people start to panic about their Christmas lists and get out to the malls. What a hectic day! I watched my Dad go through the paper so methodically yesterday, making notes on a large pad. I didn't ask what he was looking for...but this morning when I cam out, ready to shop, he decided that my Mom and I could go without him. He hates crowds and I think he just realized what a nightmare today really could be.

But..the deals! I took a peek at the paper, Nikon Coolpix for $88! Is it just the ugly plum color? That would explain it...or does it not come with a rechargeable battery-something to find out because what a pain that is to keep buying batteries.

So, my Mom and I are off to the Plantation Shop, a very civilized Black Friday destination. I will tackle the malls tomorrow. Please be careful of the "deals" you get today and that you don't get trampled on!!!! Happy Shopping! xo


The Wife said...

I have always wanted to go but don't like the hassle! Hope you got some great things! said...

I MUCH prefer online shopping from the comfort of my own home! I let my crazy friends give me their reports on the madness!