Tuesday, November 24, 2009

IPhone Envy

I have been having a love affair with my blackberry for over 2 years now, but the I Phone keeps coming out with the coolest applications and now I am JEALOUS! I heard a song last week and couldn't figure out the name of it or who sang it. Well, if I had an I Phone, I would click the Shazam button and it would listen and tell me all the details and let me download it to Itunes. It took me 2 hours to search online with one phrase I could remember and I finally figured it out...

Here are some apps that I would want if I switched over to the Iphone:

Business Card Reader-take a picture of a business card and it stores in the phone.

Ebay Mobile-no explanation necessary

G-Park so I won't lose my car in parking garages

Evernote-to keep track of all the notes I write all over paper in my purse

Viper Smart Start- the answer to many of my problems. I am always losing my keys or can't find them in the bottom of my bag. This app lets you lock or unlock your car from your phone. You can also start your car with it. Never lock your keys in your car again!


Suburban Princess said...

I have been wondering if I should get one too and the smartstart just sold me on it!

a. said...

I LOVE the eBay app. I need to check out some of the others you've posted. Thanks!

A RED RAT said...

I bought one and LOVE it! XO.