Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Mooresville Ice Cream Company

The Mooresville Ice Cream Company, maker of the DeLuxe Ice Cream brand, was founded in 1924 in Mooresville, North Carolina. Situated in a large brick building on S. Broad Street, the ice cream store and factory are a local institution. The storefront of the building houses the ice cream shop, full of charm and hand written signs. Open the door right behind the counter and you will see all the machinery and employees making the ice cream right there 15 feet away. This summer Meg's family bought the company and now Brett is their General Manager. Sunday after lunch, he gave us a behind the scenes tour. I couldn't wait to check it out and see what he has been up to. We ate a ton of ice cream...

All the cases have hand drawn flavor keys, this was my favorite, chocolate chip mint, birthday cake and peppermint candy all in one case.

Meg, Kelly and I with cones after trying many flavors...

The ice cream is made in several steps, taking several hours to mix and pasteurize the cream before it gets to this machine. The consistency when it gets here is like a soft serve. The flavor is added right before it gets here and the hard ingredients are mixed in right before it is poured into the containers. The vanilla mix is used for about 80% of the flavors and the chocolate mix for the rest.

As soon as it is poured, it is placed in the hardening room, twenty degrees below zero and chock full of half gallon containers of ice cream and sherbet. We jumped inside to get a feel of the temp and the wind whipped cold air around us so fast, you can really only stand it for 10 seconds.

Each product of ice cream is hand stamped with the flavors.

The stamps hang on the wall on this board.

The factory produces 3,000 gallons of ice cream a week in 35 flavors that are sold in around 550 outlets in North and South Carolina. In addition to the delicious flavors, they make novelties such as Nutty Cones, Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry Ice Cream Sandwiches, Fudge Bars, Banana Fudge Bars, Orange Vanilla Bars, Jungle Juice Bars, Classic Bars and Mooresville DeLuxe Bars.

The tour was one of the highlights of my trip, so interesting and the ice cream so delicious. The bonus is that Meg and Brett's garage freezer is stocked with novelties..they were hard to resist!

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The Wife said...

That was such a neat tour! Love how they still do things by hand!