Thursday, November 19, 2009

St. Thomas Craft Fair and Oasis...

Another great show today at my old elementary school, St. Thomas Episcopal in Coral Gables. It was so crowded and there were tons of shoppers. It took me over an hour to write out all the stationery orders from both of my shows. The show was outside so the sun was out and by noon, everyone was so hot. I packed up all my stuff and headed to a Beaux Arts meeting. Prospective new members were invited to a lunch meeting. Some of my favorite people were there and I am hopeful that a few will be new members in the Spring!

By 2:00pm, I walked in to work and the stress level was off the charts. I had an hour to catch up with paperwork and emails before Helen and I were out the door and headed up to Port Everglades. When we were still a half mile away, you could see the Oasis of the Seas peeking above all the other buildings in the area. It is HUGE. We got onboard and had a meeting with the Good Morning America people. They are filming live Friday morning and I really didn't realize how much work is done ahead of time. The bulk of their team arrived on Monday and set up shop in one of the rooms with a ton of laptops and printers. We check in tomorrow for an overnight cruise with several groups of foster children from South Florida, who will get to see Rihanna perfom live and then get to be in the background for Friday morning's live shoot.

I honestly am so tired, that I can't believe I have to get up early again and get so much done before I head up there again. Saturday morning I will get to sleep in! I can't wait to post some pics from the ship tomorrow. It really isn't to be believed!

The Champagne Bar that floats up and down..

Cute surfboard seats

The amazing Central Park..almost finished. They planted the entire thing, plants, trees and everything in 48 hours.

The bow of the ship, completely open and featuring the Aqua Theater. The Boardwalk leads up to the theater and has restaurants, a carousel, candy shop and shops.

The skyloft suites overlooking the sports deck


QueenBeeSwain said...

keep on kickin' rear KP! And I really want one of those necklaces with the pearl on it at the bottom of your last post! are those on your website?!


Her Preppiness said...

sounds fun