Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Recap

What a week! It was non-stop for me, I had my last appointment/delivery on Christmas Eve at 5:45pm! So thankful for all the last minute shoppers although next year, I might be a little more proactive and contact them a little bit earlier than the day before Christmas. My parents came into town on Tuesday and I was lucky enough to have my handy Dad install a much needed light fixture in my apartment and help with a little bathroom plumbing. I have missed having him around! Wednesday night was one of my favorite Christmas parties each year. It was great to see so many friends and catch up..

Thursday evening, I headed over to a lovely party at my friend Ashley's Mother in Law's home. She had quite an unbelievable spread of food, including stone crabs-always a treat, and lots of champagne. This is little Avery's first Christmas, he was so entertained.

The dessert table was very tempting...I definitely hung around it for a bit..

Christmas morning, I headed down South to my brother's house where everyone was waiting for me to start opening gifts. My parents bought me a computer so I wasn't expecting much else, but they really surprised me and got me lots of goodies. You think I am kidding when I call them the "Inspectors" but after their initial visit on Wednesday, they must have headed to Bed, Bath and Beyond because my most fun gift was a hot pink dirt devil! It is so cute and I have been vacuuming away.

They also had a perfect blender (with very strong ice crushing abilities), an adorable needlepoing canvas that I loved and then I opened an adorable FINISHED needlepoint ornament that my Mom made, a Gator Santa. I think this is the only thing anyone has ever needlepointed for me! Love it.

I spent most of the afternoon watching my nephew go in circles on his horse, thankfully the weather was really nice. My niece was very busy counting all the gift cards she received, I think the total was 17! I guess when you ask for things, you have a much better chance of getting them, and that is certainly what she asked for!

After a delicious dinner, I headed home and then re-grouped and went out for the movies. I texted Nicole and her sisters earlier in the day, hoping for at least 2 out of the 4 to go, but was shocked that all 4 sisters could get away and go to the movies. We saw "Nine", which wasn't the best movie, but had some great parts. We were dying to see "It's Complicated", which we did on Sunday night. Now that movie was fantastic!!

Yesterday was Denie's birthday. We got together for lunch at Le Bouchon in the Grove, the best French bistro, and it was so much fun.

Now I am gearing up for New Year's...I don't have my plans firmed up yet, but am determined to start the new year more organized, focused on my business and finding a husband! :)

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