Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I usually don't leave my apartment without a "roadie". I usually am very happy with a clear Solo cup, but am always looking for a thick, sturdy one that won't crack in my car and send Diet Coke spraying everywhere. Right now my favorite to-go cup is from Einstein Bagels. They have a thick paper cup that can last all day without a hint of leaking.

The cups at work are thin, waxy paper that have a 3 hour limit-a disaster on a desk. Another favorite is Chick-fil-A, when I can find one..they have diet doctor pepper and large styrofoam cups!

On a trip to Sea Island a couple of years ago, I loved their clear cups and talked one of the pool attendants into giving me a sleeve of them. I have a few left but I keep them in the back of my cabinet for emergency use.

One of my favorite gifts I ever received was from Meg. When she got engaged, I helped her put her entire mailing list into Excel. The next time I went over for dinner at her house, she had a surprise for me, a box full of 100 styrofoam monogrammed cups. A perfect gift!! I loved them so much and have one left. This weekend, I went to Swoozie's in Jacksonville and they had the cups there. I think I need to order more even though I know styrofoam is horrible for the environment, but I really like it!


Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

I love the large plastic fountain soda cups from Target. I re-use them every day. I just snag several new lids and straws when I go shopping or buy a drink. The other day one of my sorority girls asked me if I went to Target before every single meeting. It never crossed my mind that they didn't know I was re-using the cups. Ha.

cdiaz said...

love this post!

Summer is a Verb said...

I love those monogrammed styrofoam cups too. Just recycle them and poof the guilt melts away. Btw, you're good on spelling errors :)XXOO

annechovie said...

These are gorgeous, Kristin, Have a great weekend!