Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Fabulousness of Art Basel

Every year right after Thanksgiving, the people start flocking to Miami from all over the world for Art Basel, the largest art show in the country. The bulk of the art is displayed in temporary galleries in the convention center, but all over town there are installments and shows at galleries and spaces with parties on every corner. The opening night party is super fun but the tickets are hard to get. A month ago, I looked on the website to see the details and I happened on the press section. On a whim, I applied for an official press pass using this blog as my "medium" and low and behold, I was accredited and approved! Hilarious...

My schedule got a little harried so I only made it on Sunday and got to walk around and see the unbelivable art and the fabulous people walking in and out of the galleries. This type of high end art attracts the most unusual people.

Here are some favorites...

I LOVED this..it would fit right in my apartment, but not in my budget.

Circle of food, very interesting

I thought this was cute, there was a series of men, I liked the fancy one.

This was a show stopper, hundreds of triangle mirrors on a curved large bowl. When you walked up, the result was so cool.
This display had tons of people staring and taking pictures..the second one from the left was made up entirely of dolls and toys and the last one on the right was all textiles, woven fabrics, felt and intricate swirls of embellishments.

I didn't know quite what to make of this, but it was an elaborate set up.

So bizarre, these two woman figures were held together with a bar taped onto each of their heads.

These three men's heads were moving and talking..very creepy

I was starting to think this couple was walking "art"

All in all, it was fantastic, so interesting and very fun people watching. Next year I will be making sure I get to more of the action.

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MCW said...

The couple is VERY interesting...if they were not walking art than it is a little scary!