Tuesday, December 22, 2009

kp's christmas wish list

Since everyone is posting their wish list, I thought I would weigh in with mine...

Tiffany Scotty Charm for my bracelet

Botkier Logan Shopper in black

Cartier LOVE bracelet in gold. I would love this bracelet and a cute boy to buy it for me..a double gift!

An easy one..I am almost out of perfume.

There is more...maybe tomorrow I will finish my list. Hope everyone is having a fun week. xo


Her Preppiness said...

Love your choices

Jules said...

I love that Botkier bag!

Mrs. Everlasting said...

Gucci Rush is my favorite spring/summer scent. I wore it the entire time we were in Mexico for our honeymoon and every time I put it on my husband comments that it is my "mexico" scent.