Thursday, December 17, 2009


I am holding it together, barely... here are some of my holiday updates.

1. My blackberry is back in action. When I took it to T-Mobile, all ready for a performance with tears to get a new phone, the cute guy behind the counter plugged it in for 20 minutes and what do you know??? It must have dried out and then I had let the battery run out. I felt so stupid, but the joy of my phone working outweighed any embarrassment on my part. So, the phone is back in action.

2. My shows are finished and I had my last big appointment a couple of days ago. Now I am just making jewels to fill orders. I came up with some new earrings yesterday, will post a pic, they are super cute and even I was a little surprised that I made them.

3. My apartment is one third decorated for Christmas. My tree is up, most of the lights are working ( I really hate the lights, one whole string won't light up and I have fiddled with every one of them Ugh!), most of the ornaments are up. My parents (aka The Inspectors) get in town on Tuesday and it needs to be in tip top shape so I don't have to hear about how messy it is.

4. In the midst of all of this, I hurt my back. I don't know how, but Tuesday afternoon all of the sudden, my lower back was killing me. I went to a Chiropractor yesterday and am going back today. Will see what he says. Back problems are not fun. I really, really feel for people with chronic back pain. It is truly horrible.
Lucky for me, the one comfortable position is on my couch where I make the jewels, so I have been able to catch up with orders. The one big downside is that my friend the Chiropractor cannot prescribe meds!!! It would be really convenient to marry a doctor.

5. I have 90% finished with Christmas shopping. It really is a relief to be almost done one week out. I have a couple of things to finish up, but basically done.

6. Vendors...many many thanks to my BFF vendors Hen and Barley Press, Paper and Ink Designs, Queen Bea and Dabney Lee. I have sold so many of their beautiful products and am thrilled with the positive responses I have been receiving. I am going to the Atlanta Gift Show in January and hope to see them there and find some new vendors to round out my assortment.

7. The website..well unfortunately, my beautiful website will not be up before the holidays, obviously. I took a long time to get my end of things together and it really isn't something you can do quickly, so hopefully in January I will have it finished.

8. I received my Elle Decor real magazine in the mail. Maybe they give you an online preview. I have to start reading the fine print on things...I really love that magazine but so miss Southern Accents.

That's all my updates for now. Hope you all are doing great and enjoying the holiday season!

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Ink Obsession Designs said...

Yay for the blackberry working again! :) I don't know what I would do without my iphone!

QueenBeeSwain said...

saying a prayer for you and your back to heal up :(

one big breath and one thing at a time is how it all gets done. kick some fanny, you rock and cannot wait to see those earrings!


Preppy 101 said...

Hope your back pain just completely goes out the door!! Take care of yourself! xoxo

CDS said...

SO glad that phone is back in action---but I am sorry to hear about your back! Fel better friend!