Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Altanta Gift Show

The Atlanta Gift really is like nothing else. There are three buildings with many floors in each filled with booths and showrooms, it is never ending. The furniture and established showrooms are in the first two buildings and the bulk of the temorary booths are in building three, the above picture shows the open floorplan, each floor has many, many rows of vendors. I had a booth there a few years ago with my the beautiful Boutique section. They lay down white carpeting for this special juried section and my booth was so cute, very pink.

The next show, I split a booth with my friend Kate, who sells ribbon purses and belts. Our booth was an explosion of color. We decided to save money and just be in the regular section instead of Boutique. We were one booth away and I spend the whole time looking down the hall at the beautiful white carpet, wishing I was still back in the "VIP" section.

Anyway, those shows are a lot of money, a lot of time and unbelievably painful unless you are selling like crazy.

As a buyer, a totally different story. My first buyers badge was secured three years ago and it was fantastic. I met Jenny Morgan from Hen and Barley Press at that show and have been selling her stuff ever since. Also Tracy from Paper and Ink Designs. Her booth was so pretty and I spent way too much time out of my booth and in hers chatting. You can make so many friends walking up and down the halls.

This year, I had a new purpose...looking for goods to fill my website up with. It opened up a lot of options for me and I think I rounded out my assortment very well.

Fornash..the lovely Stephanie hanging out in her super preppy booth. I picked up some pieces of her line, especially the boa scarf like she is wearing. Super cute.

Aden and Anais..many of my friends with babies love these products, so I signed up and bought some of the blankets and bibs.

Caroline Pate Designs

Memo boards from Maude Asbury

and some more amazing jewelry...

Some other booths that I thought were so cute were:

Bla can you not love these animals, so colorful and soft. The child size foursome here were so adorable, I would love to have them just like that in my future child's room.

Sissy Made It-adorable personalized tags. Her booth is so bright and cheerful and she is too.

The beautiful Meg Carter Designs booth..

A showroom full of precious

I could go on and on and not even scratch the surface. So excited for my orders to trickle's like Christmas, except you have to pay for it!

Thank you Laura for letting me stay with you, your house is always super fun! xo


The Wife said...

I have to go one day! Have to!

CDS said...

KP it looks like such fun! I can't wait to see all the new goodies on the website. xoxo

Barefoot in the Park said...

i totally walked by your booth and didn't realize it was you! small small world!

Grove Gals said...

i love steph...and am so happy for her that fornash has taken off. next year we must plan another meet up

Kate said...

I missed Altlanta this year... the whole time I was thinking I should be there! Maybe one day we can share a booth again!