Friday, January 22, 2010

Driving Me Crazy

As you can see from my travels on this blog, I am always ready to jump in my car and take off. I feel like I live out my car sometimes so it is only natural that I have some pet peeves on the road. Lately, it seems like traffic is getting worse, not only in Miami, but all over the place and the drivers are getting more reckless and dangerous.

Someone once told me they believed that when you are safely in your car, windows somewhat tinted-anonymous, the real "you" comes out, meaning people show their true personality while they are driving. If that is the case, then a large majority of the populations are real life nuisances.

There are four things that drive me CRAZY when on the road:

1. Driving in the right hand lane, someone pulls out in front of you so that you have to slam on your look in the rear view mirror and there is no one behind you. They couldn't wait 5 seconds..clearly they are a jerk.
2. You are waiting to turn left onto a street..a car is coming towards you and slows down and turns right before you, no blinker...they don't care that you are sitting there waiting, so rude. People seem to hate their blinkers for some reason..they have them for a reason, it just lets people know where you are going!
3. Slower traffic to the right..well on I-95 or the turnpike, a clueless slow driver in the left hand land can block the flow of traffic for miles. Again, slower traffic to the right.
4. Turning left with a green turn signal and you can't because the people on the cross streets are running their red light still turning. This is so dangerous and scary, we are supposed to be getting those cameras that take pictures of people running the red lights and mailing them tickets. Hopefully that will help stop this.

I am not usually a complainer but I have been thinking about this post for months in my head and decided this was the day to write it down. A more positive post promised for tomorrow! xo


Belle- Pink Cupcake said...

You are absolutely right! I love to drive. It seems that people are becoming more and more self centered while driving, its out of control! They will make a move without even thinking about what may happen to someone else. I am convinced they just think that everyone will stop for them!

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Oh the slow in the left lane and no blinkers drive me batty too. A few years ago I had a friend's hub drive me to the airport. He had just moved here from Eastern Eurpoe bc of his wife's job. He drove EXACTLY the speed limit in the left lane the entie way. Took sooo long. He said that in Europe there isn't a fast and slow lane. I unsuccessfully tried to explain that in America...there in fact is!