Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!!!!

Happy New Year to all my blogging friends! I am so excited about this New Year! I have the normal resolutions all ready to go, but my main ones are (1) to get organized..I am starting to sound like a broken record, but I have made serious headway on this front. My apartment is looking better and better, (2) catch up on my photo albums (this goes along with organized, but really deserves its own mention), (3) finish framing art (I have had 5 things framed this month and it is so great to pick up your artwork beautifully framed. Now I need a handyman to help me hang them up), (4)clean out my closet (I NEED to get rid of some clothes, but it is very difficult for me) and (5) finish my website (this should be first, but it is already in progress. I need to finish taking pictures of all of my items and get them up. It will be so cute when it is finished, so I am super excited for it to be up and running). That's all! Not too bad and I even have a good chance of accomplishing some of them!

2009 was a crazy year! I am referring to it as "the year of the blog". I found myself focusing on this blog more than I thought I would. I got off my couch and attended parties I maybe would have skipped, excited to write about them, thought about shopping without guilt, needing to do research for retail posts and traveled with such enthusiasm, soaking in more details than usual so that I could share with my friendly readers. I even got to meet some fellow bloggers, including Monogram Momma, Grove Gal K and even the Preppy Princess, all at the fabulous National Stationery Show (or I call it, the most expensive 3 hour walk of my life!) I hope to meet many more of you, especially Hopsy..who doesn't want to meet her in person?? So, this blog has made me expand my horizons a bit. Thank you very much!

I wish all of you the best for the New Year. I think it will be amazing!
xoxo kp


Preppy 101 said...

I wish I lived near you so I could be your personal assistant! That's my idea of a fun job!! xoxo

annechovie said...

Happy New Year, Kristin! Thanks for all of your support and the very best to you in 2010!