Tuesday, January 5, 2010

HemmingMyWay and my Favorite Story

An amazing new product has just been introduced, HemmingMyWay, a set of four elastic snaps designed to hem your pants on the spot and last for up to 8 wash cycles. Priced at $22 a set, these removable and reusable little snaps are ingenious and super easy to use.

Developed by actress Melissa George (In Treatment, Alias and Grey's Anatomy) and her partner Kara Harshbarger, this ingenious new product is a lifesaver for the girl on the go, saving an outfit in a pinch and saving serious money on alterations. Available for purchase now at Kitson in Los Angeles, Bed Bath and Beyond, QVC and www.beauty.com but I suspect this product will be in stores everywhere in no time at all. You can also purchase them right on the website www.hemmingmyway.com.

Several years ago, I actually met Melissa George very early in the morning at the Miami airport. Being a HUGE Alias fan, when I passed her in the terminal, I couldn't help but introduce myself. She couldn't have been nicer and I chatter with her for about 15 minutes. I was on my way to NYC for a trunk show and showed her some of my necklaces. She picked on out for her and one for Jennifer Garner and then we said goodbye. She let me take a picture of her right there wearing her new necklace, shocking since it was 6:30 am!

A couple of weeks later, I answered my phone and it was her! She had worn my necklace to a party and was photographed wearing it and wanted me to be able to use the picture.

I thanked her so much and got her address to send her more jewels. I was really in shock that she took the time to call me. I have met tons of celebrities and she was by far the nicest and most generous of them all. Then...a little bit later, I got a Christmas card in the mail from her and inside a little thank you from Jennifer too. What a treat!

Good luck Melissa!!! xo


MCW said...

She seems so nice!
How do those things work? Can you see them when you are wearing them???

Preppy 101 said...

What a great story!! xoxo

a. said...

That's great!

Let The Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore said...

Congrats! I just saw the pic of your westis Milli. I had a westie growing up and love them. I have noticed many blogger shave westites! xx

Torch Lake Prep said...

I'll have to check these out, I'm short, so all my pants have to be hemmed, this could be the answer. GREAT PR for your jewels, you are always prepared, way to seize the moment!

CDS said...

This is a great story! It's nice to know there are nice people in Hollywood.

QueenBeeSwain said...

I do believe that is called karma- nice how when you do nice things for others and they reciprocate! great pr for both you and those lovely ladies!