Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Ride Home

After loading my new painting in my car and saying goodbye to my friends, I set off for Miami Monday morning. First stop, Gainesville Florida, home of the University of Florida, my alma matter. It has been a while since I have driven around town and it looks kind of the same, yet very different. I drove past my first apartment there..no pictures please and my favorite food spots. One very famous one was not there! I quickly googled the address and found Burrito Brothers safely tucked behind another building.

I got my primo chicken burrito to-go and got back on the road. Next Fall, I am determined to go to a football game. I have recruited Cynthia for this mission and we will be there for sure. Maybe I will run into an old boyfriend who is still single and sparks will fly..you never know! ha ha

Next stop, a few hours later..Palm Beach. There are a couple of stores I pop into every time I get a chance- C. Orrico and Leta Austin Foster.
C. Orrico was filled with Lilly delights and some other treasures like these cute dresses. The staff is so friendly and the amount of clothing in that store is staggering. Tons of tunics, dresses and every color of Steven Bonnano navajo sandals you can imagine.

The children's clothing is now a seperate store right next door. It looked super cute.

Across the street, I saw monograms in a window and had to check it out...

it turned out to be the find of the year, Lori Jayne Monogramming

There was a sample monogram that almost took my breath away. The store was super busy but I managed to get some info from the owner, a very enthusiastic and super nice lady named Lori Bernstein. She explained that this monogram is actually a couple's initials, the S around the edge and then the H and A in the middle. It was stunning.

She will custom design a monogram for you over the phone and send pictures, no website yet. Once you have a monogram you like, the possiblities are endless.. custom plastic cups

tote bags, even a monogram on your mailbox..

I couldn't believe how many cute things she had packed in this store, definitely worth a trip back.

The most exciting find was a handpainted needlepoint canvas with a beautiful monogram painted on it. That is something that has been on my wishlist for quite a while. The needlepoint design starts at $100. You can contact her for more details. I am defintely doing one!

For more information, call Lori at 561-514-9199, email her at iloveshopping@lorijayne.com

or you can also see her fan page on Facebook here.


Prissy Southern Prep said...

Ok, I might just have to contact Lori Jane. Gorgeousness! Those ruffle dresses with the bows in the pic above are so pretty & prissy! I love it!

Precious and Pink said...

I am loving the Lori Jane!! Good thing we live so close by, I'm definitely going to have to make a visit, thanks for posting about it!!

a. said...

Love those monograms - so pretty!!! Will definitely check out on Facebook so I remember for my next trip to FL :)

CDS said...

1. D is such a fan of Burrito Bros.

2. LOVE that monogram. SO lovely. I really like the pink and orange combo too...so pretty.

Kate said...

Lori Jayne is Great! I met her like years ago when we were both starting our businesses (she first came out with these great button down, oxford dress shirt Dresses! Still have mine!!!) Lori is so nice and her store is well worth the trip. thanks for the Pictures.

melissa said...

I've also been to Lori Jane and love it! The owner was so very nice .. of course C. Orrico is an all time favorite!
BTW, I am a Gator too ;)